20 March 2023

That Did Not Mean What I Thought It Meant

I'd been sitting here thinking that "blood libel" meant an insult that required a deadly reply.

I am glad I wasn't using it in casual conversation or used it incorrectly on the blog.

I am equally glad of my habit of looking things up before using them in a sentence.

Using anti-Semitic language might make people think I'm a Democrat.


  1. Not all blood libel is anti semitic. The leftist tropes that "all whites are racists" and "whites are oppressors" are blood libels no less vicious and with the same intent as holding Jews responsible for the death of Jesus.

    1. While this is correct, the term "blood libel" has become so associated with the anti-semetic variety, particularly the ones which claim Jews are literally vampiric that it's almost confusing to use it for anything else anymore. If you google "blood libel" the whole first page of results is about claims that Jews practice ritual child murder and cannibalism.


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