25 March 2023

WTF Motorola?

The Edge Plus doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

No biggie, I thought.  The Z3 didn't either.

With the Z3 you just used a USB-C male to 3.5mm female and you were good to go.

Not with the Edge+!

Plugging the headset in via the adaptor gets, "Analog audio accessory detected.  The attached device is not compatible with this phone."

There's no manual, but the "help" section on the phone has, "3.5mm to USB-C adaptors with analog headphones are not supported."


Now what?

I'm trying some different adaptors, but it looks like I'm going to need digital headphones.

Harvey has a pair, but wrong USB plug, so I need an adaptor for that too.


  1. Yeah, I converted to Bluetooth, bone conduction for running and a few others for other applications... Sort of annoying, but...

  2. last paragraph ( https://screenrant.com/does-motorola-edge-plus-2022-have-headphone-jack/ ) says it should work with a c to 3.5 adaptor...moto makes one...at least for their older phones, may work on newer moto phones?...( https://www.amazon.com/Motorola-USB-C-3-5mm-Headphone-Adapter/dp/B01N0ZYNV8 )...panzer guy...

    1. That's the adaptor I was trying to use. It came with my Z3. Turns out what I needed was one that mentions "DAC" in the description.


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