01 April 2023

Nobody Will Listen

I keep trying to tell people where their shit is leading.

But, because I'm Cassandra, nobody will listen.

There's a megapost in drafts that isn't going to be published because I know that nobody will listen.

The people who want a fight are too eager to square off to stop now.

One side has utterly failed to read the situation and is going to lose in an epic fashion.

The other side is going to think their victory is from widespread support of their politics, but it's more an "enemy of my enemy" situation than actual allegiance.

They will be surprised to find they're not victorious in the end as the larger part of their alliance kicks them to the curb when the fight's over.

It will be far better to not have this get to a fight rather than an argument.


  1. Ah, go ahead and publish the megapost. Some, like me, might enjoy it and gettting the rant out will be good for you.

    1. It'd burn a lot of bridges.

    2. So? If the bridges are that fragile, then so are the friendships and acquaintances.

      It's all right for them to shriek and scream at us, but facing facts?

      I've lost some electronic 'friends' over the whole issue of how nasty and horrible the Native Americans and Sub-Saharan Africans were/are. Seriously, if faced by facts makes them scream and smoke like a vampire in the sun, then so be it.

  2. I try to get anybody who thinks a bugaloo would be neat and tidy to read about the Spanish civil war.

    1. The French and Indian War is probably closest to the nastiness of a real civil war that ever touched American soil.

      Seriously, for the most part, the later Indian Wars? Polite in comparison to the F&I.

    2. I think it's going to look more like a cross between the march of the Mongol Horde, and the Rape Of Nanking. Every. Single. Day.

  3. It definitely needs to be posted. Even if it is just so you can say "I told you so" afterward. Like Beans, I'd like to read it. If you don't post it, feel free to send it to me privately.

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  5. there are hills i'm prepared to die on...i realize those hills won't make any diff unless we all have the same hills...and even then, it may not make a diff...the left is going to push until we put up or shut up...that's what i see happening...they want us to go full retard...it won't be good for anyone but honestly, it's the only ticket out of this mess, win or lose...we can't vote our way out, the left won't let us...my 1/2 cent...inflation...panzer guy

  6. Be fearful of what you wish for.

  7. Yeah, a tough one to call. I moved to Texas from Illinois because working in a University environment being "center to center-slightly right" meant "literally a Nazi" to those in charge there... Amusing at first to someone who studied history and speaks other languages like German... Still, had to be especially careful what I did and said... But then came the actual threats of "we will fire you as soon as we can" simply because I was in the groups of officially out of favor by those in charge. Since these are the sort of people pushing really hard for actual conflict, I suspect they really have no idea what that REALLY means. And it is likely to be very messy. Why I moved somewhere I felt was more stable and at least in line with reality... Hoping I am wrong, but... Good luck out there.


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