22 May 2024

A Light Dawns

If this is how most people that the cops deal with are, I totally understand their attitude towards the rest of us. 

WARNING: This is 16 minutes and 50 seconds of your life that will be gone and won't ever come back.

Holy shit.

At least three times with mom I'd have been, "fine, she's going to jail; buh bye!"


  1. The second one should have gotten a trip to be processed and booked. Deputies were pretty patient, like you I'd have said you can meet us at the office and they might be released after the judge makes a determination on them.

  2. Amazing how lenient the police were with them. I can tell you that in the past things would not have gone like that at all...

  3. What a pack of low-IQ pains in the arses.

    Makes me glad I live in Florida and not on the Left Coast.

    This was one of the things that was constantly shown on "Live PD" and on "Cops."

  4. And, of course, this is what you get when some states decriminalize just about everything (in order to make their states look 'crime free.')


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