27 May 2024

It's Like They've Never Mixed A Drink

Dear Global Warming Panic Mongers;

Take a glass of water.  Add salt until it matches the salinity of sea water.  (Look it up for yourself, you keep telling me how much smarter you are than me.)

Add two ice cubes to your glass.

Note the water level.

Let ice melt.

Note the water level.

You might notice that it's not much different.

I've done this experiment.

This is why I am not scared that a "Florida sized" chunk of ice has broken away from Antarctica.

It's not going to make the sea level go up, it's already floating.


  1. Now a second step. The surface area of the Earth is 197,000,000 square miles. If you narrow that down to the oceans, it's 139,600,000. The area of Florida is 65,758 sq. miles, or .00047 the area of the oceans.

    To scale that to the water glass, it's like the displacement from an eyelash. Or less. Even if it raised sea levels, which it could only do if it fell off dry land into the ocean, the difference would so small I doubt it could be measured.

  2. How much of that melted ice stays in the water and how much of it evaporates into the atmosphere. If the planet is really warming as much as they say, more of it should be in the clouds than before, right? They claim that it is increasing weather, but then they ignore that when they are talking about sea level rising. They blame climate change for every drought and every flood. Every tornado or hurricane wouldn't have happened or been as bad... We know they are not good at looking at the really big picture or accounting for all the variables in complex systems or all the consequences of things... this is just another example.


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