24 May 2024

As The Years Wear On

I find that I get increasingly touchy over Memorial Day as I get older and the list of veterans of my acquaintance gets longer.

Too many people think it's just another day off and don't reflect on the meaning.

Alan C Wright on Facebook had the right of it:

Public service announcement, in preparation for next weekend:  The correct phrase is, "To absent friends."

NOT! "Happy Memorial Day."

Memorial Day is a somber occasion, not a joyous one.

You may laugh at the memories of those who've left us.  You might even joke (the color of military humor makes a black hole a sun).  But those laughs are ours.  Private.  Exclusive to club membership.

Remember them.

Shed a tear.

Crack a smile.

But don't forget.

1 comment:

  1. I always make it a point to read In Flanders Fields. To remember all of them.


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