19 May 2024

Sea Level

If you can't tell the sea level rise from the tide, it's not something to worry about.

There's numerous maps, paintings, photos, plans and surveys of Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine that show the shore substantially the same as it is today.  It's more than 200 years older than Lady Liberty.

If global warming can't beat the tide in 352 years, I'm not buying that's it's gone up substantially in the past 20.

IGPCC is not a scientific organization.  It's a group of government officials.  Notice everything they advocate for benefits governments?  If you hadn't, best to look again.

Never mind that the people who are advocating loudest are consistently proven to be less than the sharpest knives in the drawer AT BEST; most often they're just common, self-serving liars.

The fuel that a private jet uses to get to the global warming conference makes more emissions and pollution than decades of my total household's emissions.

But they never propose eliminating THEIR luxury; just my necessities.


  1. What tells me, also, that 'sea level rising' is total bupkis is all the millionaires who buy beachside residences and estates.

    Yeah. But just try to tell the globul climate change cultists any of this. Sigh.

  2. There is nowhere you can point to sea level chances actually causing any crisis like the climate change chicken littles claim. They can only point to tiny changes that are more or less within the margin of errors of measurement and rely on extrapolating that changes will continue not just to increase, but that the rate will continue to increase for many years into the future. A lot of them talk about changes out past the point where they claim that fossil fuels will run out, at which point if what they claim is true about fossil fuel consumption being to blame, things should start to go back the other way.

    1. Software Janitor20 May, 2024 10:17

      Oh damn. That was me.


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