24 May 2024

No Apostrophe

Dear Hawaii,

It is not Hawai'i no matter how bad you want it to be.

It is not Hawai'i even if that's how to properly spell it in your dialect of Polynesian.

When your state was admitted to the union, the spelling lacked the apostrophe and now it's locked in and official.

As petty as the courts can be, I'd be appealing any ruling from a judge who spelled it Hawai'i because there's no legal jurisdiction by that name.  There's a Hawaii, but no Hawai'i.

It'd be like saying Kansas when you mean Arkansas because most of the letters are the same...

Also, Hawaiians, fuck off.  Your former royal family sold your asses out.  You weren't conquered.

Stop acting like it happened at gun point.


  1. And both the state and fed governments have bent over for those overly racist f#cktards, so I have no sympathy for any of it.

    It's like renaming Mt. McKinley to Denali. Which means 'big mountain.' Do you know how many denalis are in Alaska? Yeah, it's still McKinley to me. And Squaw Mountain is still Squaw Mountain. And the Sandwich Isles may be Hawaii but never Hawai'i. Don't even get me started on West Taiwan.

  2. Even if they had been conquered... that's just too bad. That's how it works, spoils of war and whatever.

  3. Also, Hawaiians, fuck off.

    My sympathies exactly. The natives hate us, and there is at least one island in the chain where you aren't allowed to land if you're white. Then there's the whole BOF issue. Personally, I'd cut 'em loose from the U.S. and let Japan invade.


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