26 May 2024

Life Support Fail

It felt a little stuffy in here, but it's been hotter outside, so I didn't think anything of it.

Until I saw the thermostat read 78 when 76 is selected.

This could be bad!

But the most common reason for this is the water drain line from the air handler getting clogged with slime mold.

I blew out the line and function returned to the system.


We get too much condensation in the air handler because we're too nice to our masters, the cats, and leave the back door open a crack so they may enjoy the screened in porch.  That lets humidity into the house and...

Some bleach down the drain line and we're good for a while.

1 comment:

  1. Any way to install a cat door that lets them come and go to the screen porch as they please but not have to leave a door cracked? Most designs I've seen aren't exactly completely airtight but usually less than a full size door slightly ajar. There is also a risk you could go to all the trouble of installing it and they might not adapt to it, being used to their current accomodations.


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