20 May 2024

Kromm Speaks

I put the warhammer armor piercing question to the SJ Games Forum and got a response from the line editor.

Basically this. I'd prefer a simple "add (2) and call it a day," but I can't retcon decades of precedent and hundreds of supplements at will. Reducing penalties is an alternative. Doing so doesn't say, "This is a precision instrument," but rather, "This is how the thing is meant to be used." Sort of the difference between getting +2 for using a high-quality item – say, with very fine (balance), if that even exists – and getting a +2 task difficulty modifier for using the right tool for the job.

Or, as I said, just add (2) and call it a day. Extending the rules for bodkin points for arrows (p. B277) to picks and tucks isn't total craziness, since the idea in all cases is that of a hardened, rigid, narrow beak. (Yes, technically this makes the attack piercing rather than impaling, so be sure to target the vitals or skull.)

My house rule appears to have unofficial official approval!

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