06 September 2021

Because One Is Getting Bigger

I am bemused that Hollywood still reports box-office in terms of dollars and not in terms of tickets sold.

Perhaps it's because inflation makes it appear that more tickets were sold?

It's been a long time since I watched a movie in a theater, but it was a lot more expensive than when I first started going.

If the ticket costs three times as much, you only need 1/3 the sales to say your movie did as well as a past blockbuster.

Never mind that Enron executives went to jail for using accounting practices which were transparent and honest compared to Hollywood Accounting.  (Enron was actually using an accepted accounting method which wasn't considered dishonest... but it was illegal for them to use it as a utility company).


  1. Hollywood has always, always, used such shady accounting practices that the Mob, Enron, the UN, all stand amazed at the tricks Hollywood pulls.

    That 'mega-blockbuster?' According to Hollywood accounting, it actually generated a loss, a huge loss. So, soorrry, Actor/Actress who got paid in min contract prices and a share of the net profit, you just got screwed.

    As to actual Hollyweird, when the ScyFy channel and Hallmark can produce better movies than Hollyweird, well, that says something. (For a nice, quiet romantic comedy, or a romance, or a holiday movie, Big Hollyweird just can't get it right. While Hallmark can.)

  2. Say it ain't so that people aren't going to see movies like they used to???


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