20 September 2021

¡Cortez Y Todos!

Lego has made a lot of historical pairings.

Aztec jaguar warrior with macauitl vs Spanish conquistador!

They're decently detailed.


  1. But does Lego and Brickworks put out an Aztec heart-cut-out set?

    1. Not as such, but now I want to make the diorama...

    2. It's all about celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, you know, stopping the wide-spread practice of child- and human-sacrifice. And other things. Right? Right??

  2. "Macauitl"? Dems the thing that they make in "Stir" with soup can lids and bed slats? Part of the endless contest between the "slashers" and the "pokers". The ~WWI Brit cavalry "swords" looked like a sharpened I-Beam. Good for poking, useless in the slasher role.

    Got phonetics on "Macauitl"?


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