07 September 2021

Gotta Love The Royal Navy

China was bragging about how the three Type 093 subs they'd gotten close to the HMS Queen Elizabeth and her escorts.

Bragging that they'd done some firing solutions and such.

Odd that they didn't mention the Astute stalking them.

The British press certainly did.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Couple of comments...First off British Submariners are a another level of badass, and 2nd the British Press tends to blab of things that shouldn't be blabbed about. they did it during the Falklands and other dustups involving British assets and released actual operational data. Granted it doesn't help that some wog from the MOD blabbed either.

    1. It'd be even more hilarious if the Brits were lying about the Astute being in the area. Then the Chinese would be out there going, "we didn't see nothin! SHIT!"


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