03 September 2021

You Keep Repeating That

OK, Cops, you keep saying something along the lines of, "people open carrying will make our jobs harder," and "letting people carry without a permit will make our jobs harder."

Leaving aside that your job is to enforce the laws that we the people enact through our duly elected legislatures regardless of the difficulty to the employees of the executive.  McDonald's is hiring if you're feeling too put upon.

How does this make your job harder?

You literally don't have to pay any attention to someone with a holstered or slung firearm now!  You don't have to respond to seeing a pistol in someone's waistband when their shirt flies up.

You don't have to detain, disarm and verify if someone who's printing has a valid packing permit any more.

This makes your job easier not harder.

You have fewer tasks, not more.

The person who might have more work is the 911 operator taking calls from Karen because she's unaccustomed to seeing people carrying guns.

Karen will become accustomed, eventually, and she will stop calling.

I am pretty sure that the truth of the matter is you fucks like being the only people who get to pack openly.  That you're the elite, that you're special, that you're better than the people you police.

You aren't and shouldn't be.

Before the wheels came off on American law enforcement you were not "law enforcement officers" but "peace officers".

You weren't above the citizens you were among, but a fellow citizen.

Before you got elite on us, you were one of us and we worked together in a partnership.

But your unions and professional organizations lobbied to exclude us from assisting you.  To the point that if a cop doesn't see the crime being committed, then no arrest will be made, despite ample evidence that a crime occurred.

No, Officer, tell your unions that I like it I have more freedom and if it makes your job more difficult; tough titty.


  1. Funny how LEOs will whine about something like that... When OC is legal in a whole bunch of other places and guess what? Not a big deal. We just got permitless carry here. Of course the liberals are all trotting out the same tired BS they have every time we've gotten something... when concealed carry first came in... when carry in vehicles w/o a permit was allowed... when OC with a permit was allowd... It will be "wild west" and "blood in the streets" and we'll see big shootouts over parking spaces and fender benders. None of it has ever happened.

    Funny how even the GFZ guys who were anti OC seem to have gotten over it once they moved to states with OC. Guess what? Not a big deal.

  2. Oh, and it is mostly the appointed officials (Chief of Police) that are anti gun. They are mostly political appointees, not actual civil servants. They answer to liberal elected officials, especially in the big cities which are controlled by Democrats (aka Pinko Maoist/Stalinists). The unions... well, their leadership also tends to be controlled by liberals. I'm not sure how much they really speak for the actual rank and file. Even for LEO unions, they are still usually tained by the influence of organized crime, again, especially in large Democrat controlled cities. Although they might seem to be the antithesis of each other, organized crime and Democrate Maoist/Stalinist totalitarian governments go hand in hand. It might seem like the Russian Mafia for example just magically appeared after the fall of the Soviet Union, but they'd been there all along. And the Triad has always been there behind the scenes in China too. Totalitarian governments are inherently corrupt, and corruption loves corruption.

  3. Yep.

    Guns for the ubermenschen, none for the untermenschen.

    How do we know this? One of the ubermenschen loses his/her/its gun and doesn't get charged. Leaves his/her/its gun in an open vehicle in plain sight and gun walks away mysteriously and no issues. Can draw and flash said gun even when not working or in civilians without having to worry about any issues from the badge-orc's department, and if an untermensch freaks out and draws a legally carried firearm on the ubermensch (if the ubermensch does not loudly announce the ubermensch's department affiliations) then it is perfectly acceptable for the ubermensch and all the other ubermenschen to perforate the untermensch for carrying.

    And, also, I have noticed that some of the people who used to freak out about Florida's open carry while fishing are all gung-ho about Texas going full open carry. Without any acknowledgement that their stance of Florida's open carry was all wrong. Hey, both are state laws, why is one bad and the other good?

    The eneMedia must be working really hard to hide all the dead and injured since September 1 in Texas, no?

  4. If the poor, poor, martyred police think their work is too hard, they can go somewhere where the job of the police is easy. I know just the place, too! Of course, they'll have to get used to speaking nothing but Korean, eating tree bark, and endlessly praising the Leader Kim, but it's a small price to pay for knowing that they can go home to their hovel at the end of the shift!

  5. Fire department doesn't wig out when a homeowner picks up a hose and solves his own Damm problem.

    1. They also don't usually try to ban matches or gasoline.


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