06 September 2021

Willard Is Officially Famous

Apparently, Ian from Forgotten Weapons has forwarded John Wynne-Hopkins' picture of Willard to Mike from Bloke on the Range.  Mike then posted it to his Facebook page.

OMG the speculation about where this pic was taken!

I think he'd be surprised to find he was Canadian Op-For in the mid-80's!


  1. OK, I'll bite. Why is Willard holding an RPG-7 during a 1980's exercise with the Canuks?

    1. According to John Wynne-Hopkins that's from a weapons cache they found on Lurker's Ridge near Etumbane not later than 1981.

  2. Thanks, now I have better recall on this, have friends that left Bulawayo in late 1970's when things were already getting hot for white property owners. Largest meat packers in the area were in that family. Sad to see Rhodesia fall, and now SA. Tribalism uber alles, then when no whiteys remain, any other tribe will do. Permanent warring seems to be the norm.

  3. Jeez, the Canucks are going to be pissed that their OPSEC is busted. And how does one go about collecting royalties anyway. (Yes, I hear you, just like that ape that took a "selfie". After all, in the immortal words of Galaxy Quest; "Hey guys, it's a gig!")
    Wafa Wafa Wasara Wasara


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