11 September 2021

The Battle Of The Turkey

Rolling the dice for our two young French noble idiots fighting for the honor of FuzzyGeff's character's bloated warthog lovely wife reminded me of another GURPS fight.

We were getting bored with the standard Fantasy character tropes so we went off the map and took advantage of the G part of GURPS 3e.

FuzzyGeff made a fox with human intelligence.

I made a disgraced baron, William the Landless.  The creative part for me was the "Dead Broke" level of wealth.  $0.00 starting wealth.

I got two pieces of equipment.  My threadbare noble's clothing and a signet ring.

Because we coordinated a bit, I took "Exalted Fox" as a language so I could understand FuzzyGeff's character and he took common to understand me.

Our first encounter in Carl's world was an orc.  He had a spear and leather armor and I had a crude club I made from picking up a branch.

It was a tough fight and I almost didn't make it, and wouldn't have without the fox's assistance.

But FuzzyGeff, it turns out, had the tougher fight ahead.

While my character was recovering from his injuries, the fox went hunting for something for me to cook.  He had a quirk about preferring cooked food and someone with thumbs really helped there.

His battle with the turkey took almost an hour of real time and was a very near thing!

The fox prevailed, but wow!  What a fight!

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