03 September 2021

Time Flies

It has been more than five years since I took a chance on a Palmetto State Armory nitride finish barrel for Kaylee.

I have definitely not shot it enough to wear it out, but it, likewise, has not suddenly failed for no reason.

I've liked it well enough that all the 5.56 mid-length guns are running PSA nitride "Freedom" barrels.  4150CMV, 1:7 twist, 5.56x45mm chamber; winning.

As a matter of fact, the only barrel purchase since I changed to nitride that wasn't PSA or nitride is the 20" gov't profile barrel for the A4 clone from Brownells.

That one is 4150CMV, chrome lined and parkerized.  But for a clone, it needed to have a particular finish.

1:9 is running kind of thin lately too.  At one time 1:7 twist barrels were hard to find and cost a premium over the 1:9.  Now it seems to have become the standard.

Something else that used to be cheap was 1:12 20" pencil barrels.  Retro demand sent those to the stratosphere.  Vintage barrels are getting very expensive and the repops have several farbs which tick off the purists.  I had to resort to a repop for the M16A1 clone.


  1. At the risk of being one of "those guys", let me recommend you take a look at Faxon barrels. They make many different versions, but I'm speaking specifically about their "Match Series" AR barrels. I have a 16" gunner profile barrel with a 223 Wylde chamber. It is nitride finished (yes; inside & out). I cannot say enough for the quality. They're neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but BOY do you get quality-for-money!
    I set out to build the light weight patrol rifle I wished I'd had in Baghdad while in uniform, and this is the barrel I chose. I still would. With the one caveat that it will probably show loss of accuracy were you to get in an hours-long firefight, this seems to me to be the sweet spot between weight and heat tolerance.
    ....just my opinion & worth all you paid for it.

    1. IIRC Faxon never has what I want when I have the money together, so I end up at PSA because they have it in stock.

      I'm not opposed to them, we just never seem to meet in the middle.


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