16 September 2021

You'd Think I'd Learn

Just once I'd like to recognize that someone was chucking my ass to the curb in time to be graceful about it.


  1. Oh, I usually just get forgotten about and quietly stealth dropped. I don't know that half of them even realize they are doing it. I'm just not interesting or useful enough to get or stay on people's radar.

  2. Sorry for your loss. Long-term friends going away sucks. Been there, got the scars.

    Don't take it out on yourself. It's a choice they have made, not you.

    1. I still have hope that some form of two-way communication can be established.

      It's the lack of being able to communicate that it ended up being blogged in the first place.

      When you can't call, can't stop by and emails aren't replied to, you resort to someplace you know they read. Hoping they respond positively, but KNOWING they will resent the concern.


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