16 September 2021

Speaking Of Gunsmithing

Assuming Willard will forgive my earlier trespasses...

He's got a DIY AR-10 clone that ran fine for a while then became unreliable.

I have some theories, but would need loan of the gun to do some testing.

I wanna probe the gas-port, for one.


  1. my thoughts exactly...

    panzer guy...

  2. Either dirt, a worn part or perhaps something like the gas tube has become misaligned would be the things I'd be suspicious on an AR style action. Check the bolt to make sure the gas key is properly staked. Make sure it is moving like it should. If it is gummed up it can cause the action to be balky. If it isn't something up front, then check the buffer and the buffer spring to make sure they are working right. Less often those will develop an issue after running fine, but could be a possibility.

  3. Last seen the Brownells AR 10 clone was running just fine, with the fit and feed of extra magazines being in question. It was the DIY rifle that was being communist about things. We had changed out the extractor spring, and were awaiting test fire results. Admit it, having been too long in the chicken nuggets and milk world of 5.56 your dreams are again haunted by memories of the dark exotic beauty of 7.62 NATO. It happens to all of us sooner or later.
    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

    1. I swear we've had the DIY to the range since the first parts swapping.


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