11 September 2021


FuzzyGeff and I ran, over the phone, a series of duels to see if GURPS even came close to modeling reality with going corps-a-corps in a duel.


We made some character stand-ins with straight 10 stats and no points in skills.

It was obvious that the default DX brawling vs DX-5 smallsword that brawling would be the winning strategy, so we didn't play that out.

So we gave them each a point in Melee Weapon (Smallsword) for a skill of 9 and ran that.

FuzzyGeff won two out of three.

The brawling does have a place in the low-skill end of things and I almost won the first bout by all-out-attacking his face with the pommel of my sword rather than stabbing.

I rolled poorly, FuzzyGeff rolled well.

We verified that all-out-attack is high-risk, high-reward.

We discovered that you don't use the rapid strike rule (two attacks at -6) with a skill level of 9 because you will be very vulnerable to a critical failure and be disarmed against your opponent.  Fists against sword is a bad place to be and it's my only victory.

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