12 September 2021

Increasing Worry UPDATED

First they move into a gated community.

Then I express concern about their health.

Then their phone is "switched" to a new provider.

It's really starting to look like their "trusted loved ones" they live with are trying to isolate them from anyone who will try to help.

Especially since they're clearly suffering from something that requires professional medical attention and are likely relying on their "trusted loved one's" supposed expertise in blowing off getting to the emergency room and getting what's obviously weeping cellulitus the treatment that it requires.

I hesitate to post this.

I can't think of any way to get them to treatment that doesn't end the friendship.

At least one way of getting them treatment will cost the "trusted loved one" their professional license for ignoring the symptoms and not getting proper treatment.

I am worried.

I don't want to lose my friend.

I most especially don't want him to die from ignoring this.  It's not going to heal on its own.

I've already lost my mother's father from ignoring this.

I have another friend who's been in and out of the hospital for this.



The Lovely Harvey sends: "I will examine the situation and advise if the friend comes over.  Cellulitis is serious shit and turns septic on a dime.  Never mind necroticizing fasciitis."


  1. Call in a report of potential abuse. It's the only way. Parental and Elder abuse is a thing. Better to lose your friendship than your friend.

    Seriously, you know you need to do this. Trust your inner feelings.

    Because, besides controlling who your friend contacts, what else are they controlling? Have they raided his bank account? Sold all his assets?

    It's easy to get befuddled and outright ignored when you are in ill health.

    Do it.

    Do it tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning. Time matters, for health and financial reasons.

    Keeping you and him in my thoughts. Keep us informed, okay?

  2. Hope you get things figured out. Elder issues are a terrible problem. Even worse in places like Iowa where Elders are not treated well by the law.

  3. Have you or the Lovely Harvey called and reported yet?

    Keep us updated.

    1. He's car-mobil, reads the blog and can stop by. I'm giving him a couple days.


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