22 September 2021

What Language Is This?

I'm usually good a figuring what what language is being spoken, even if I can't understand it.

These set up cop ass ninjas got the whole hood fucking with em. Ninja dats my homies and they ain't going down like that. I got propositions for these hoes if they dont want they matha fucking heads split wide the fuck open like a bad night leaving the cino bino almost like getting ass rapped in the booty whole with no lupe cuz thats how bad it hurt after loosing all your money. Well ill be an investigator tf some shit like that happen. Hood that is hood. I got loyalty for ninjas who had it for me. Anyways propositions homie bring your gangster with ya too u finna need it.

The person uttering this is a white girl displaying a confederate flag in her profile photo on Facebook no less.


  1. I believe the combination of argot and skin color is called "wigga"

  2. It's pure Stupidity in its original form.

  3. Ghetto pidgin English.

    She needs to be beat to near death by a "Warriner's English Grammar and Composition" book. Or, better yet, a bat with that title etched into it, and then force her to read and comprehend said Warriner's. Probably one of the best grammar and composition books in the last 60 years. Easy to use, easy to learn, may have to pick one up just because.

  4. Wandering Neurons23 September, 2021 10:03

    "Pardon me stewardess, I speak Jive"...

  5. Methinks it's an ancient dialect of...IG'nant.

    Mill Tone

  6. Sheer dumbassery. Illiterate and moronic.

  7. Language of the City.

  8. This is the libturd euboncks and commie libturd dumbed down education that is now in the school systems.
    Part of the woke fools and any other white hating organizations that influences the education system we have our children in.


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