08 September 2021


Lavender Linda's rear sight was almost to the limit of travel to the left to get it to zero.

I wondered if the front sight that I installed myself was canted to the left, and it was.

The slot in the upper receiver for the barrel index pin is, shall we say, generous.

And all of the generosity is in the same direction as the barrel nut turns.

In all likelihood I rotated the barrel while tightening it the first time.

So tonight I loosened the barrel nut, held the barrel all the way against the opposite side of the slot, and retorqued it.

Because I have a red-dot that is zeroed I can bring the irons to match them to be in the ball-park at the range... seven clicks towards the center gets the windage back to matching the red-dot!

The rear sight is now nearly centered between the ears of the carry handle, like I like them to be.

FuzzyGeff's carbine has the rear sight almost to the end of its travel too.  I will have to ask him if he wants me to mess around with it.  He might not care.  Zeroed is zeroed and having the rear aperture centered is aesthetics.

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