01 September 2021

Oh Please

A thread on Arfcom says they heard a rumor that Dianne Feinstein has died.

Did sunlight hit her or something?

Fall on a wooden stake?

Tripped on the holy-water brazier and get soaked?

What else finishes off the undead?

It's completely unconfirmed, but it'd be great news if true.


  1. I can't find any confirmation of it.

  2. When is pelosi, schumer, and all the other low hanging turds of democraps gonna die too?

    1. when we cut off their supply of adrenochrome.

  3. Yeah, that's right up there with the click-bait ads that say "Tom Selleck (or definitely alive actor/personality) is dead.)


    When DF finally croaks, shuffles off her mortal coil and goes wherever she deserves to go, the major media will inform us peasants of it in spectacular fashion and her hagiography will be blasted from everywhere.

  4. Last Twitter excreta was 18 hours ago, so she's probably sleeping in after having Dalmatian puppies hunted for their pelts.

    Although if it's correct, and it turns out to be the result of an ND of her personally-owned CCW...

  5. Hey Angus;

    And take Obungler, Pelosi and Schumer with her? or is that too much to ask........

  6. Decapitation, followed by immolation, is said to work on the undead. Certainly worth a try. Although after all these years we may be dealing with a CCP animatron rather than an organic lifeform.

    1. Decapitation, stake through the heart, stuffing the body with garlic, the mouth with a holy wafer on the tongue, silver over the eyes, exposed to the sun on opposite sides of a constantly moving water course, and set on fire. The ashes collected, sprinkled with holy water, and scattered to the 4 winds, preferably as far as possible from each other, maybe an ocean or two away.

      Eh, just to be sure, might as well go the whole way.


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