07 September 2021


Back when I was a kid, if you wanted to mount a red-dot on your AR, and you didn't want a chin-weld, you needed a goose-neck mount.

With a Primary Arms Micro Red-Dot MD-RBGII it has an absolute co-witness that is easy to get your eye on but near impossible to get a picture of.

 Can't see the dot, but you can see the sight picture, sort-of.

With the mount, it adds 9.1 oz. to the tare of the rifle.  I might get the thinnest of the height spacers to make it a 1/3 co-witness, but I will go shooting first.

I dialed the dot to rest on the top of the front-sight while looking through the sights; and it appears to hold zero when I remove the whole assembly from the carry handle.

That's important, because otherwise it wouldn't fit in my M12 rifle rack!

The sight picture really encourages the proper two-eyes open aiming method for red-dots!

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