09 September 2021

But It Rhymes

One of the things that allowed the rise of such charming folks as the Nazis was a huge number of returning soldiers who were shocked to see how bad it had gotten at home while they were at war and that they didn't feel defeated.

They felt betrayed by the powers that be.

It does not matter if they could have defeated the allies or not.

What matters is they didn't feel that they'd been defeated by the allies in the field.

The fighting in the streets right after the war also shows they had a lot of fight left in them too.

And here we are...

Home is all fucked up thanks to Wu Ping Cough.

The troops don't feel defeated.

They feel betrayed and humiliated by the way that the current admin called it quits and pulled out.

Times might just get interesting.


  1. That's actually more true of the Italian Fascists. Hitler's rise to power was more propelled by the shock of the Depression. Before that, he was, at most, a regional politician.

    1. Except for the Italians being on the winning team in WW1... But yeah, you're right there.

    2. After WWI, the Italians thought they'd been cheated out of territory they should have had. They also had not had a very good war, even by WWI standards---I don't know how many battles they fought on the same line in the Northeast, and they finally did break for it. Vittorio Veneto was only possible because of massive Allied aid.

    3. I think I'd include Italian Fascists under the banner of "such charming folks as the Nazis" if you're going to be splitting hairs and ignoring the point.

      Just sayin'.


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