21 September 2021

That's Not Right...

The gas tube on Willard's DIY AR-10 is bulged right where it enters the upper...  That bulge also bent the tube so that the gas-key was hitting at about 2-3 o'clock instead of going over smoothly.

Initial inspection of the bolt carrier revealed that gas wasn't getting into the expansion chamber behind the bolt, I was able to blow the blockage out.


There was a great deal of hard carbon built up in the expansion chamber too.

That's all cleaned out now.

I don't remember if we checked the bolt carrier for carbon before the new barrel went on.  If it was clean, then Malaysian surplus is some dirty shit!

It ate the Malaysian stuff all day without problems back when we did the NATO battle rifle comparo.  It was when we changed to commercial ammo and tried to do a side by side with the BRN-10 it started being finicky.

New gas tube is ordered from Brownell's.  Should be here on the first.

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