10 September 2021

The Need Is Clearly Bullshit

Some things that stand out about the new vaxx mandate.

If it were genuinely vital that everyone be vaccinated, then everyone should be required to get it.

Why, then, are postal workers exempted?

Why, then, are illegal aliens exempted?

Why, then, is having fewer than 100 employees exempted?

Why do the exemptions seem to all be attached to union labor who support the party in power?

If it was truly vital, then they wouldn't be letting anyone out.

If you're vaccinated but are vulnerable to infection from the unvaccinated; you're not actually vaccinated.  Having the CDC change their definitions doesn't change what a vaccination means and has meant for more than 200 years.

Of course, most people prolly don't know why it's "vaccinate" in the first place.  Hint: cows.

Completely ignoring natural immunity is the epitome of unscientific.  Many of us are immune from simply catching it and surviving.

I think it will eventually be proven, and those at fault forced to admit it, that it is an escapee from a Chinese lab, and its development was funded by US tax money.

When that happens, one more reason to stand in the line in Hell and wait to kick Kissinger in the balls over.  Because without Kissinger and Nixon, China would be Cuba with a lot of land.  Hell, half of it would prolly be Russian now if we hadn't opened up to them.


  1. If Harry Truman had listened to his Generals after WWII, we would have supported the Nationalists and that murdering Mao would not have gotten to power.

  2. Hey Angus;

    What "Software Janitor" said.....Would have saved us a lot of problems.

    1. Hindsight is always 20/20. We should have taken out Stalin after WWII also. Imagine the 2nd 1/2 of the 20th century with no cold war?


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