23 September 2021

So What?

Much is being made of Biden being unpopular.

So what?

Unless he's impeached or removed via 25th amendment proceedings, he's going to be president until January 20, 2025 at a minimum, regardless of his approval ratings.

He's unlikely to be impeached because of the make-up of Congress and whom will replace him.

He's unlikely to be removed for similar reasons.

Goldfish mock the length of time Americans can remember something negative about a candidate.

Sure, Joe is unpopular now, but nobody will remember that once there's a Nazi Republican in spitting distance of winning an election.


  1. The other thing about Biden is that as bad as he is... he was probably the least worst of the Democrats running that had any chance during the last primary season. He certainly isn't as bad as Hillary would have been, so there's that. And as far as impeachment goes... he's less bad than Harris would be... and way less bad than Nancy Pelosi. Those two facts mean it is unlikely Republicans will try to oust him. If there are moves to remove him, it will probably come from within his own party. That's largely why he is mostly a puppet for the real powers that be behind the Democratic party.

    His unpopularity is largely that he's caught in the middle of the battle between the far left wing of the Democrat party and the slightly not as far left of Mao wing (there seem to be no "moderates" left). His trying to pander to both sides makes him unpopular with everyone because nobody is willing to compromise.

    He's also an old man, so he could also leave the presidency by dying of natural causes. Given the next two people in line after him, let's hope his health holds out. He could also be assassinated, and let's hope the Secret Service don't hate him so much they slack on the job. Politics makes obsurd things happen -- like having to wish long life for someone like Biden who is an f-tard. Just because the alternatives are almost unthinkably worse.

  2. Well, from where I'm standing, Resident Biden is doing just what he said he would do as president, from his first failed run to today. He's always been an authoritarian anti-American freedom-hating low IQ mumbler. Who hates the peons.

    He's always acted like he'd be far happier having robots serve him as lord and master of all he sees as his distain for the common man and the uncommon man has always been prevailent.

    As to how he got selected, he most likely was the easiest to control. Just like McCain was selected as the Republican candidate in '08 against a field of real fire-breathers, because McCain would have been easy to control (the mistake was assuming Palin was controllable. No, she was not. Good looking and relatively intelligent, and not controllable, from the start. She was the only good hope of the McCain possible presidency, that he'd get elected and then cack off. Which is why the powers on all sides worked so hard to destroy her and make her an untouchable forever. (No, she wasn't the best and brightest, but next to McStain, boy, she was a search light next to his nightlight.)


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