30 September 2021

Cautious Optimism

Got the new brake position sensor installed and calibrated (as is implied a couple of posts ago).  It's showing almost 300 ohm more than the old one.

Eyes crossed that this holds.

JT's Tech 2 lost comms a couple of times during calibration, so we had to do it more than once.

It went perfectly once we'd cleared all the codes first...  Doh!

If you let the battery run down, it will set all manner of lost communication codes in the body control module that don't show up on the dash in any way.

Getting the sensor back in was "fun."

It's awkward to get into the footwell to see what you're doing with both hands available to work.

My back muscles decided to spasm pretty well and that made my hands go all palsy; so I'm trying to line up the screws and get them started with almost no fine motor control... all while what I need to see is NOT in the close-up portion of my glasses.

Good thing I'm a stubborn prick.

1 comment:

  1. I know the pain of those contortions. Wiring my 90's jeep for a brake controller about killed me. It wasn't made any easier because of the 2 inch lift and the about 6 inch door jamb height of the tub. Basically had to let by back half hang across the door jamb and support myself with my thighs while my top half laid upside down in the floorboard. And there was no room for my arms.

    Took weeks for my back to recover. Oof!


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