06 September 2021

Degenerate Into Fisticuffs

 If everything went right, this starts at 29:38 and YouTube hasn't taken it down...

  If it didn't start at 29:38 the skip ahead and start there.

A sword fight in GURPS, in my experience, has never had anyone use anything but their sword to attack or defend.

It's something I mean to explore.  Is there an advantage to climbing into the same hex as your opponent and beginning close combat?

This post is also a reminder to FuzzyGeff that he needs to refresh his memory of the close combat, brawling and grappling rules because I want to play through it next time we chat.

1 comment:

  1. It's something that most combat systems get highly wrong. Historical European fighting is a 'martial arts' and has all sorts of very interesting moves, like leg grapples, body checking, shield punching and crunching.

    The SCA gets it wrong, but it's done for safety reasons. The HEMA people get it wrong, because they concentrate too much on the MMA side of fighting and not the weapon side.


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