22 September 2021

Obligatory Photo

I remember that I'd dubbed the DIY AR-10 the M1956A2.


  1. Yea, that's cool. But mine's cooler. OG

    1. Pics or it didn't happen. Email me one and I'll post it for you if you want!

      Always like posting cool gun pics!

  2. Good God dude, 7 captias to prove I'm not a bot? Really? OG

    1. Make an account that Google accepts as a login and the captchas go away.

      I got sick of nuking 4-500 spam comments every day.

    2. That's not meant as brusquely as it sounds.

      Google took away most of the log ins that people were using and made them, effectively, anon posters.

      I wrestled long and hard about allowing anon comments because of the increased spam load without it.

      Please bear with Google, it's either that or no comments at all. I like the comments for the most part.

  3. Look at that sexy sexy brown plastic...
    Does it have that weird smell to it that the old plastics do? Maybe its just absorbed CLP? I don't know.

    1. The handguard is from NoDak Spud, brand-new modern. The pistol grip is from Damage Ind., brand-new modern. The stock is from Krylon, the smell faded as the paint dried.

      So, no smells.

      But now that you mention them, I kinda miss 'em.


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