14 September 2021


I grabbed my GURPS character folder and put all the guns in a spreadsheet.

I expected that FN would be over-represented.

I was incorrect!

Out of 67 characters:

The most common gun, by far, is the M1911A1 appearing on 13 character sheets.

Next up is the Glock 21 on 8.

.45 ACP is very well represented because there's even a .45 Luger in there.

Then the FG.42/I on 5.

The the M16A2 on 4.

The FAL and High Power appear just three times each and not on the same sheets.

I really thought there'd be more FAL and HP.

And more SMLE!

There was a day when I emptied my character folder into the trash, keeping only the active characters I was still playing.  Perhaps most of the Fabrique National guns were on those sheets?

Who knows?

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