28 September 2021

Lower Decks

I am a fan of the original Star Trek.  I like most of the movies with the original cast.  I even liked the animated season.

I enjoyed Next Generation.  The movies... not so much.

I didn't watch Deep Throat Space 9 very long.

I wanted to like Voyager (especially since Voyager is my Chicago class) but it never got traction with me.

I wanted to like Enterprise, but the interstitial stuff mentioned in the opening log entry always sounded more interesting than the episode we were about to watch.

I came within moments of buying JT a new television when I almost threw something at the screen in the third episode of Discovery.

Me and Star Trek have parted ways.  They left me, I didn't leave them.

But I gave Lower Decks a try.

They're mocking all the shit I hate about the NG and later stuff and it's wonderful!

The characters are grating, but I'm still enjoying it.


  1. Did not really like NG, but kind of did. The holodeck pissed me off, though. I wanted 'new civilizations, to boldy go out there' not 'I wanna play dressup.'

    DS9 pissed me off because it was Star Trek ripping off Bab5, kinda. But I liked a lot of it, seeing the shadier side of the Federation. Then it jumped the interstellar shark. Though having a starship designed as a warship only and not an armed cruise ship or galactic ark was a nice touch.

    Liked a lot of the 'Enterprise' stuff, hated the alternate time line stuff. I want a nice clean time stream, thank you very much.

    Voyager kept pissing me off more and more and more. All the power in the world to run holodeck episodes but not run the replicators even though Star Trek Canon said holodecks were based on replicator tech. That pissed me off. Wanted the ship to start out Star-Fleet standard and by the third season should have looked like some bubbas got ahold of it as they grafted alien tech to fleet tech. And Janeway just pissed me off. Did not like her character, dammit.

    The new one, all about guuurrrl power and space non-heteroes? Bout vomited with the complete destruction and rewriting the damned Klingon story yet again.

    And the dumbass movies should never been made. How long have we waited for the whole Kirk meets Spock as laid out in all the Canon material? But, nooooooo... Jerks. Big jerks.

    Oh well...

  2. I've never been a hard core Trekkie... I've enjoyed and not a lot of the same that you up through TNG and DS9. Since then I've admittedly not paid much attention. JJ Abrams needs to slapped around for some horrible retcons on the TOS Trek reboot movies. Like killing James Kirk's father and destroying Vulcan... WTF? Also, trying to pass off what looks like Arizona or California as Iowa in the first movie... Uh, I've been to Riverside, IA. It looks. nothing. at. all. like. that.

  3. a fan of the original star trek myself...watch it every night on h&i and sat nights on metv...since the election i stopped watching the news...got rid of my dish and watch ota tv...pretty much live on metv...all the old shows, leave it to beaver, highway patrol, dragnet, back when tv was good...h&i has some of the old shows too...

    panzer guy

  4. I never got to see much Trek when I was growing up. The version I'm most familiar with is the animated show.

  5. I enjoyed through DS-9 but they lost me after that...
    I did like how both DS-9 and Enterprise looked at different aspects of their universe than TOS and NG.


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