08 September 2021

Rotary Air Displacement Device

The ceiling fan in the living room started sounding like a badly glazed brake rotor.

Bad sign.

I cycled through the speed settings and high was only churning at what was once medium speed and low was making electric motor trying its best noises and barely turning the blades.

Another bad sign was the motor housing was rather warm.

New fan has been installed in a record one hour ten minutes!

The Lovely Harvey is ecstatic!  "I can actually feel the air moving now!"

Happy wife, happy life.


  1. I replaced the anemic, apartment-provided 40" fan with the not-working light that the apartment maintenance people haven't managed to fix or replace for 4 years with a 52" fan with an LED light.

    On "High" it is cold enough to need long sleeves, at "Medium" it still moves more air than the old one.

    So nice to have moving air during the summer. That way the cold air from the a/c doesn't just hover near side of the room before being sucked down towards the air register.

    Working fans good. Cheap, 'contractor' grade Harbor Breezes from Lowes are definitely worth it.

  2. One of mine is starting to make odd sounds when I first turn it on. Goes away after a while.

    I should replace that thing before it slows down.

  3. Chinese bearings, the quality escapes when the product goes out the factory door.

    1. I will give it credit for surviving 20 years before starting to screech.


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