22 September 2021

You Know You Were Thinking It

The Gabby Petito murder bubbled up a very inappropriate thought...

But I think that Brian Laundrie simply did what most Floridians think about doing at least three times a year.

Killed someone from New York.

I wonder if her last words were something like, "Back in New York this was better..."

Too soon?


  1. Faux news' obsession with the story led me to believe it was a convenient excuse to nor report on political / international / covid buffoonery.

  2. Yes too soon... But any relief from hearing more chicken little covid BS is somewhat welcome. Or the latest stupidity out of the Biden camp.

  3. from what i can see, she was a typical psycho "beautiful" girl. most of them are. staying cooped up with one for months in a van was a very bad idea that ended predictably, sadly.


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