05 September 2021

One Good Thing

Remember when you were a kid and they told you that anyone could be president?

Joe Biden has proven that in spades.


  1. I thought it was when the guy who said he was born in Kenya and had done nothing positive in his life got the office. But, yes, even an Alzheimer's patient can win... Sadly.

  2. I barely remember.
    But whenever *they* told me that anyone could be president, likely John F. Kennedy was the actual POTUS, and if he said it, I would have believed it.

    When I joined the Marines in the relatively safe Jimmy Carter era, not so much. Any of the placeholder executive officeholders since that time, proving that in spades, not one of whom would I follow into battle.

    Effin' *leaders* that can't or won't lead, by example, but only by *political* means (lie, cheat, steal)

    The only thing Joe Biden proved in spades is that we, as a class, Americans, are as stupid as stupid does. If we recall, the people that count the votes said Joe Biden won. And we went along with it. Heh.


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