28 September 2021

Fuck You GM

Fuck you for this brake position sensor that's fragile as a soap bubble.

Fuck you for a brake switch that's a rheostat with 5° of travel that wears a groove in the traces unless the Chinese slave did a good job that day.

Fuck you for making the diagnostic equipment proprietary and expensive.

Fuck you for having to have a Tech 2 to calibrate the damn thing!

I am sick of replacing this gorram part.


  1. Dont feel bad. My VW Jetta uses a accelerate by wire on the go pedal. Mine failed at about 150K miles and car kept going into limp home mode especially when turning a right corner (the angular pressure on the pedal changed the reading and bammo.

    Took me a lot of sleuthing to find that was the cause. Ordered a new pedal (you cannot buy just the worn internal part from VW or aftermarket).

    Once repaired, took it apart and found nothing more than a PC board with a pattern of copper traces on it and 4 spring bronze fingers that went to 4 wires. So where the pedal is in it's arc, contacts different combinations of the 4 traces which are not continuous and have lateral bridges to others depending on where in the arc. Complicated as fuck way to dial in 4 ones or zeros to the respective fingers. The bronze spring loaded brushes had worn through the traces, sometimes they worked, sometimes not as things flexed. The board itself was easily removable and replaceable, if someone would sell you one. Grrrr. Iver 112 bucks for something that cost 50 cents to make.

    1. I need to go back through my notes and make a list of every assembly I've had to buy to replace a failed subcomponent of that assembly.

      FFS sell me the part I need, not the part I need with a huge number of extra bits.

    2. Aye, that is how it is and getting more complex every day. Do not expect to ever own an electric or hybrid, the complexity is now beyond my skills and I have an effing BSEE plus 19 years in tier 2 truck manufacturing/marketing (thankfully now retired). Your constant tribulations with that Vette make for good reading and insights. Keep on wrenching.

    3. I am getting to the point where I want a car with a carb and points!

      I am looking at a hulk with a perfectly serviceable LS3 and a big pile of parts that I could probably part-out for the price of something classic and cool.

      EFI is about the only high-tech gee-gaw in cars that I really like.


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