17 September 2021

Elementary With Silent E

I can turn an on into a one.

It's my number on one most common typo here at the block blog.

I am reasonably certain that I'm hitting the 'e', I must not be stabbing it hard enough when I'm typing fast.


  1. Well, that is lamentable. It could be the e key is slightly worn on that keyboard. Might try another one and see if you get different results. If the pattern remains then it is you and you just need to be more brutish in your typing.

    1. It's the layout of the laptop's keyboard. The problem doesn't occur with the other machine, and has persisted over two replacement keyboards on the lappy.

      It also only happens when I am touch typing at full speed, which is more often than not.

      I think the on one error gets missed because skipping the e gets underlined more often than not when I miss it, but on is a valid word.

    2. Sounds like it might be due to the reduced size of the laptop keyboard. An immediate fix, of course, is to use a USB keyboard that's full sized. If it's sticky keys on the laptop, again, a separate keyboard might work.

  2. My most common typo is to not put an article in a phrase, but always "a" and rarely "an" and never "the". I never thought it might be the "a" key on the keyboard.

    Now that I'm having to touch type without a right index finger, I make more mistakes because of constantly shifting my right hand left and then back.


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