24 September 2021

New Leather

Got an aircrewman's M3 holster for the Model 15.

It's a known method of carry for a SEAL in Vietnam, so (of course) I'd have to snag one.  You could flip a coin over it being brown or black.  The Navy had brown in inventory and Army had black.  A SEAL would have grabbed it from whatever supply chain was handy, perhaps even trading an Army aviator for it.

World War Supply has a very nice, affordable, repop.

It is very tight on a 15 because it's meant for a Model 10 with a different hammer and sights.  Being leather, it'll stretch.


  1. Mongo want.

    For the Victory model sitting around, naked.
    Would prefer VMA-214-approved brown, but beggars can't be choosers.

    1. World War sells it in brown and left handed.

    2. !
      They didn't show it on the Amazon page; thanks for the heads-up.
      Problem solved, toys inbound.

  2. Wonder how well my Webley Mk VI would fit...

    1. The cartridge loops are definitely too small for .455.

      The holster itself is intended for the S&W Victory model, so any K-Frame with the same barrel length will also fit (within reason).

      If your Webley fits where a K-frame will... Prolly good to go.


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