04 September 2021

OK There Is Some Grail

There are a few guns I'd love to have, but they're rather spendy.

One of those FG.42 clones would be fun, for example.

A Finnish AK or a Galil.

A Polish Beryl.

2nd Gen Smith.

S&W 19 that matches my 15.

Colt 10mm.

Winchester Model 54 in .270.

It's my silly obsession with food and shelter keeping me from these goals!


  1. Ooh...a Delta Elite 10mm. I like your taste! One of my grail guns is a S&W 4506, the pistol carried by Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice (I just bought a S&W 49 Bodyguard, so I can be like Rico Tubbs)

    1. I've already got an M1911A1 in .45 ACP and a Gov't Model in .38 Super. I need the Delta to round out the set. Though, considering prices I might have to settle for RIA.

    2. One of my 'Grail Guns' is a Savage 1920 bolt rifle in .250 Savage. To me, a sexy beast ! PS - the Winchester 54 is very nice as well.



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