20 September 2018

Missing M

Starting small.

M1 is missing, but could be a 25mm Very Pistol Mk 4.
M2 is a 37mm flare gun.
M3 and M4 are missing.
M5 is a 10ga Very Pistol.
M6 and M7 are missing.
M8 is a flare gun.
M9 is the Beretta model 92FS.
M10 is missing.
M11 is the SIG-Sauer P228
M12 is missing.
M13 is a Colt Aircrew Revolver.
M14 through M16 are missing.
M17 is a SIG-Sauer P320 with a full size frame.
M18 is a SIG-Sauer P320 with a compact frame.


M1 is the M1 Carbine!
M2 is a select fire M1 Carbine.
M3 is an M2 Carbine with a night scope.
M4 is a chopped down M16 with a collapsible stock.
M5 through M7 are missing.
XM8 is a tarted up H&K G36 with extra meltability.

Rituefels (fewer missing than I remembered)

M1 is the Garand.
M2 is a redisignation of the M1922M2
M3 is missing.
M4 is a .22 Hornet H&R Survival Rifle.
M5 is a .22 LR subcaliber training device.
M6 is the Aircrew Survival Rifle .22 Hornet/.410.
M7 is a .30-06 subcaliber training device.
M8 is a .50 caliber spotting rifle for a recoiless rifle.
M9 is a .30-06 subcaliber training device.
M10 and M11 are missing.
M12 are .22 LR H&R M12, Remington 40X-S1 and Winchester 52.
M13 are .22 LR Remington 513T, Stevens M416-2T and Winchester 75T.
M14 is an M1 derivative.
M15 is a squad automatic M14.
M16 is the adopted AR-15.
XM17 was a semi-auto .22 LR
M18 is a 57mm Recoiless Rifle
XM19 is the AAI 5.6mm Flechette Rifle.
M20 is a 75mm Recoiless Rifle
M21 is a sniper M14.
XM22 is a Cadillac Gage / Stoner 63A in the rifle configuration.
XM23 is a Cadillac Gage / Stoner 63A in the carbine configuration.
M24 is a Remington 700
M25 is a sniper M14.
M26 is missing.
M27 is a 105mm recoiless rifle.
M28 is missing.
XM29 is the Objective Individual Combat Weapon.
M30 through M39 are missing.
M40 is a 105mm recoiless rifle (though designated 106mm).
M41 through M49 are missing.
M50 is the Ontos!  They gave it a rifle series number!!!!
M51 through M62 are missing.
XM63 is a 120mm recoiless rifle.
XM64 is a 155mm recoiless rifle.
M65 and M66 are missing.
M67 is a 90mm recoiless rifle.
M68 is missing.
XM69 is a 20mm spotting rifle.
M70 through M88 are missing.
XM89 is a 120mm recoiless rifle.
XM90 is a 15mm spotting rifle.
M91 through M104 are missing.
XM105 is a 120mm recoiless rifle.
XM106 is the Colt Automatic Rifle, an M16 derivative.
M107 is a Barrett M82.
XM109 is the Barrett 25x59mm Anti-Material Payload Rifle.
M110 is the KAC SASS.


  1. M44 Rifle is the Mossberg M44, a .22 training rifle. I picked up a few from CMP years ago when they sold them for $75 or so. Great bolt-action with a decent aperture sight.

    1. Not sure that M44 is an official designation for it. This happens a lot with Model being changed to M, but it not being an M number.

  2. Then there's:

    M1903 - the Springfield 03 bolt action rifle
    M1917 - the 'American Enfield'
    M1941 - the Johnson Automatic Rifle
    M1 Sniper rifle - a sniper version of the M1903, just to toss that in there.

    Stupid US numbering system. They can't even decide which system to use when they're using it. Like they roll dice or something to determine whether to use the Manufacturer's number, the year or random order number.

    And then you get the Great Renumbering of some things due to Bozo McNamara and his band of idjits.

    1. There's a line to kick MacNamara in the balls in Hell.

      The US has always been bad about actually adhering to any system of designation and nomenclature it's devised.

      Both the M1922M1 and M1922M2 have been relabled M1 and M2; galling since there's another M1 rifle. Did you ever wonder why Rifle .30 Caliber M1 is always called "Garand"? To keep confusion about Rifle .22 Caliber M1 down!

      I have always loved how we abandoned the M(year) for M(sequential) in 1924 and the M1941 rifle is type classified under the old system.

      The great aircraft renumbering... GRRRRRR. Especially since the F-35 is sequenced in the FREAKING *X* series! The Lightning II should an F-24!

  3. XM177,XM177E1 and XM177E2 CAR15 variant of M16 carbine/SMG Pre M4

    1. I deliberately stayed off SMG's because the M3A1 is the last sub-gun to get an unprefixed M number and in less than 20 intervening years they get from 3 to 177!?!

      Never mind how the M203 grenade launcher is just five years after the XM148 which is a mere four years after the M79!

  4. Ain't doing sub-variations... yet.

    Because if we play the subvariations game on the AR-15 we've got over 100 R- series designations which can differ over something as slight as the BLEEPING selector.


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