28 September 2022


Ian looks like it can make it to Cat5 with just a little push.

The 8am update said sustained winds at 155 mph and 156 is the final category.

I've been reading a thread with people in great distress over their loved ones refusal to get out before the storm.

Hurricanes can be some serious shit.

I also read that every category 5 landfall recorded in the US has been in Florida.

We're speshul.

Right now we're on the northern fringes and not getting much of anything.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I grew up in Sarasota and lived in the Englewood - Port Charlotte area for a long time. It looks like the storm is going to hit my old home. I still have friends and family there.
    It looks like the big one we've been expecting for years is finally here.

  2. Best of luck. Hope you make it through unscathed.
    Texas Mike

  3. I hope you and our other Florida blog writer friends come out of this in one piece. Amazing what Mother Nature can do when it gets motivated.


  4. some of the video online is intense...good luck... panzer guy


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