30 September 2022

Gun Jeebus Explains It All

Hey, Gunwriters, was this so damn hard?


  1. browning was the second gun i ever bought...kick myself all the time because i sold it...damn it...panzer guy...

  2. I would lurv to see Ian do a comparision between the new FN High Power and the Springfield Armory version. I've got a couple *legacy* High Powers, which I like very, very much, but he's exactly right - for ~1935 it was iconic, for ~2022 the technology and the thought processes have marched on and it's only smart and realistic to avail oneself of the best of both.

    One thing I will be watching, and Ian touched on it, is aftermarket offerings for the FN and Springfield - sights, backstraps, trigger parts, magazines, etc. If one is a 1911 addict the High Power, especially the "modernized" versions from FN and Springer, are attractive.

  3. Always considered that Ian to be what a rational hippy would look like. In addition, he is super passionate and knows his stuff. Any time I start considering a new "acquisition" he is a good place to search for information.

  4. Let's take the great ergos of the Hi-Power and make it really.. really F-A-T. All the other changes seem to be for good reasons (thanks for covering that, Ian!) but the shear chubbiness of the pistol is what loses it for me. If I wanted chubby, a Beretta 92 would be a much better and thoroughly vetted choice, but I'm sticking with my CZ-75s. -JKing


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