30 September 2022

I Should Put Luck On My Character Sheet

Ian went well South of me instead of just West as predicted for days.

I'm looking at footage from during the storm and I am, once again, awed by nature.

We're high enough that the water wouldn't have been a problem, but the wind...

That might have been an issue for hunkering down.

We are, indeed, fortunate that we were missed.

Our decision to hunker, though, was colored by the predictions that if it had gone just west, it would have been greatly weakened once it was abreast of my locale.

Update: The last "Me" I made for GURPS was my Technomancer Coyote chimera, and he has Luck as one of his advantages.


  1. living in tornado alley, we get to see a small sample of mother natures power 2 seasons a year... spring and start of winter... panzer guy

  2. Glad to hear you're all right!

  3. I'm not sure it is something you'd have to spend points on just yet... You've had damage before... and you'll be in the path of the storm again. If you keep getting lucky then maybe...

  4. In Deadpool 2, there was a character whose super power was luck. They made it work.

    1. Just don't forget the lesson of Teela Brown.


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