28 September 2022

So Far So Good

Since it went so far south, we were spared.

My favorite local brewery was even open!

We still have some rain and they're expecting some more wind here in the wee hours, but I don't think it will be significant.

Here's hoping that my other fellow Floridian bloggers got off as easy as I did!


  1. Nothing much here. Just some rain. A tree branch that I've been looking at for 2 years and have reported several times finally fell and knocked power out for an hour or so, but otherwise, meh. So much for doom porn that we would all die and drown and be flooded and and and and and...

  2. Good news. I hope your good luck continues and wish other Floridians to pull out of this one as soon as possible.

    I haven't heard of any talk from our current administration to divert funding Ukraine 'emergency funds' to instead help our fellow citizens recover from this hurricane. Surprised but I guess maybe too early to tell if some politicians will ask for this. U.S. citizens come first.


  3. Glad to hear that you're apparently all right! Stay safe!


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