11 January 2021

ArfCom Revenant

ArfCom has implemented their contingency plan and moved to a different DNS provider than GoDaddy.

Who did you register your domain name with?  Was it GoDaddy?  Might wanna vote with your wallet.


  1. Pedantic here. There are two major parts to the DNS system, registration and resolution.

    You register your domain name and then you own it. But this does not make it work. You have to have a resolver called DNS server, which translates names to internet addresses.

    Just about anybody can set up DNS servers, only a very few can register domain names.

    Godaddy is both. When they kicked arfcom off thier platform that included the DNS servers but not the registrations.

    Easy fix but it takes time for the changes to propagate.

    There are stronger rules for how registrars act which might have kept the registration safe, for now.

    1. I'm just techy enough to know the terms and butcher their usage.

  2. I was encouraged to use them but went with somebody else; lower costs and a different feature set.


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