13 January 2021

Potential For Violence

So Google has shut down President Trump's YouTube channel.

They cite its potential for violence as if it was the channel's content that has people enraged.

Liberals have never been good at cause and effect.

It's like when they blame the gun for the murder and not the person pulling the trigger.

Aside: A new level of how insane gun control is just smacked me!  They're effectively saying that without guns, the nutcase who'd murder me with one can't use a gun - therefore problem solved.  Except that the nutcase is still out there with murder in its heart... Uh...

Donald Trump getting the Republican nomination isn't the cause of the rage.

Donald Trump being elected president isn't the cause of the rage.

Donald Trump saying the things he says isn't the cause of the rage.

The rage comes from being ignored.

The rage comes from being dismissed.

The rage comes from having your motives mis-characterized as racist, sexist and homophobic.

The rage comes from being suppressed and silenced.

The people who supported Trump are the cause, he was a symptom of that pent up rage.

You could teleport him, naked, to Pluto and it wouldn't stop the rage.

Wanna stop the rage?

You're going to have to sit down, shut up, and listen to us.

You're going to have to take our concerns seriously.

You're going to have to allow that we have the right to exist.

You're going to have to abandon policies which have the effect of eradicating us.

We have every right to be whom we are.

You have to act like you believe that and you must respect that.


Much hotter heads than mine will prevail and there's no coming back.


  1. You're absolutely correct. Unfortunately they aren't listening. And it is willful on their part.

  2. Hey Angus;

    Ding.Ding.Ding.Ding. and the left haven't figured this out and we are getting angrier and angrier...and the sanctimoniousness of the left knows no bound....

  3. Exactly and what better way to light the fuse than banning people from communicating onthe web. All this is being done to provoke a violent response from the right. If that happens, it will the commies all the reason they need to take even more drastic actions. If they do not get a response with one strategy they will a differnet strategy and keep chagning it until they get the response they want. What we can do is be aware and ready as wqe can be.

    1. Something they're also overlooking:

      Something sets off.
      We head to the internet to see what's going on.
      Our side says "calm down, not us, hang tight."
      We sit tight.

      Take away the internet and there's nobody to calm it down.

      Something sets off.
      Cowabunga it is.

    2. I have always liked the word cowabunga and loved the way the turtles used it.

      I, for one, think the time has come to not worry about the internet, not worry about the 1st amendment, not worry about President Trump and begin taking matters in our own hands.

      This mess needs cleaned up asap.

    3. And we the people will be all their is. No insurrection act, no martial law, nothing is coming to save you. I will say cowabunga once the assholes start getting a taste.

  4. And, of course, the Left has no idea that we are a binary people. Either it's Yes or No. On or Off. Friend or Foe. And that, though we are individuals, we also aren't.

    1. to you of all people i shall apologize for being non-binary! If you've ever been to the lightswitch aisle at the hardware store... they do make those "dimmer" switches that you can adjust by rotation (which also has the on/off option as well...) :-p

  5. The people now in charge simply DO NOT CARE what we on the right think or believe. In fact they aren't all that interested in what their own loony sycophants feel....since most of them are incapable of rational thought. They want what they want and are willing to do ANYTHING to attain and hold the power they lust for. And they are willing to burn it all down to get what they want. We have to be willing to burn it all down to keep them from succeeding. He who can destroy a thing controls that thing.

  6. Great article and every citation is wonderful and accurate points...
    There is one point I would like to add to this list of reasons for the discontent/anger/rage/...

    That would be "The Rule of Law",
    Or more specifically how those in power have corrupted the
    "Rule of Law"
    We The People have been shown there are now two sets of Laws in this country...
    One set for those in power (and those that support those in power ie FarceBook, Twatter, Google etc etc)

    And a completely different set for the peasants...

    According to the Constitution, our Country is NOT supposed to have two sets of Laws...

    Unfortunately, we no longer have a functioning Constitution.

    MSG Grumpy

  7. A whole lot of pissed off folks who used to be able to vent on the internet, then go back to what they were doing, now have no place to vent.

    Tar and feathers are about to become vogue again.

  8. They haven't been listening since Andrew Jackson killed the central bank before 1913. Said it elsewhere but I will vote again only for democrats so as to kick these sorry ass republicans out of their cushy jobs.


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