13 February 2018

A Tactic Perhaps

I wonder if the impending Remington bankruptcy is actually because they're really broke.

It doesn't take too long in an accounting class to realize that you can almost make the books say anything you want once you've decided you need them to say something in particular.

There are many advantages to declaring bankruptcy if you're actively trying to streamline your business and you have a large number of legacy facilities and jobs you need to shed but have contractual obligations to retain them.

Remington has such facilities and employees in New York.

Of course, with their recent plummet in quality it's very believable that they are on the verge of going out of business.

My newest Remington is hardly new and in no danger of wearing out any time soon.  Which, if you think about it, is actually a vote against producing quality because a one gun per customer per lifetime isn't very sustainable.

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  1. I have 3 Remingtons. Two of them I inherited. The 870 Wingmaster was a late 50's shotgun that had the barrel shot out by the early 80's. The 270 7600 BDL pump rifle is a early 80's model. Both of these belonged to my dad. I have a model 78 30-06 that I swapped out a 700 BDL stock on it in the mid 80's.

    The quality on all 3 of these guns is top notch. I put an 18.5" barrel and synthetic birdshead grip on the 870 and it throws a good pattern. It stays in the bedroom. I haven't fired the 270 - it was dad's deer rifle and I have my model 78. I have one too many deer rifles but I have no desire to get rid of one. One per lifetime works for me as I bought one and have three.


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