18 February 2018

Gamer Logic

In GURPS terms changing from 7.62x39mm to 5.45x39mm is a bad plan.

Damage goes from 5d+1 pi to 4d+2 pi.
Range goes from 500/3,100 to 440/3,000.
Weight goes from 8.7 lb. to 9.1 lb.!
Loaded magazines go from 1.8 to 1.2.
RoF foes from 10 to 11.
Price goes from $450/$30 to $400/$28

Same number of shots, same ST, same bulk, same recoil.

The weight on the AK-74 is better than it seems.

Gun plus 4 mags for the AKM is 15.9 lb.
Gun plus 4 mags for the AK-74 is 13.9 lb.

I know gamers.

They're going to go comparison shopping and they're going to take the AKM because moar dice, moar range!

Actually the weight argument will probably win.  Players, when you enforce the encumbrance rules are unknowingly disciples of S.L.A. Marshall.  Same shots for less weight means MOAR DAKKA!

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